Ethical Business Relationships That We Love In Africa

Ethical business relationships are critical to building business collaborations and partnerships anywhere in the world and especially on the African continent. The complex socio-political and economic history which exists in many African countries can be attributed to the continent’s relationships with the rest of the world. Mistrust and suspicion are the unintended outcomes of such complexities. In moving forward with African countries on issues such as sustainability, deep empathy and openness to engage with the continent in highly collaborative and culturally nuanced ways, would be crucial for partnering with people from the hundreds of formidable cultures in the vast regions of this stunning continent. At Ayo Uko, in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 8, 12 & 17, we embrace the ethos of responsible production and consumption and are on a journey to build lasting relationships to enable this to happen both ethically and sustainably.

Ayo Uko