Elegant Hat Designs for Sophisticated Women

Our Brand

The Ayo Uko brand is a luxury brand for the discerning global woman. We offer the opportunity to own elegant hats made exclusively to complement her unique style. The Ayo Uko woman is graceful and powers through her special day confidently in her exquisitely coordinated outfit. Ayo Uko hats and fascinators truly complement her own unique style. She is bold and comfortably exudes her inner beauty and elegance

Ayo Uko hats and fascinators are custom hats handmade from exquisite materials. Natural sinamay, straw, silk, damask and wool felts in various colors give a glimpse into the wide spectrum of fabrics that we use. Ayo Uko hats are made for all occasions. These include weddings, christenings, the races, cocktail parties, theater and casual events.

Ayo Uko hats and fascinators empower. The design and creative process strives to capture our clients’ expression of their own unique style. At “Ayo Uko. Hats, Truly Yours.” we also engage in strategic partnerships in support of social causes. Partnering with the Cleveland Museum of Art Textile Art Alliance at the wearable art show and supporting artisans in their local community are some examples of such rewarding activities.

We are thrilled that you are able to experience our world of elegant custom made hats.


Meet the Designer

“My influences stem from a rich cultural heritage and unique experiences as a global citizen. In Nigeria and Malawi, where I spent my childhood, I observed first-hand that the way a woman chose to dress and present herself empowers her. Head-wear in particular is a fundamental part of a woman’s personal style and this resonated with me. In England, I observed the fabulous array of hats and fascinators worn boldly and elegantly by women all year round. The workmanship involved in producing these gems was truly fascinating to me. While living in the UK, I had the opportunity to develop these cherished millinery skills that would enable me to pursue my passion for hat making. Across the pond in the USA, where I currently reside, I am inspired daily by the rich and diverse cultures around me. My unique heritage and experiences inspire my creativity and passion for making exquisite hats and fascinators for my clients around the world. As a certified British trained milliner, I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to create and innovate luxurious bespoke Ayo Uko hats and fascinators for over ten years. We are so thrilled to serve a global clientele”.
– Ayo Uko, Founder and Creative Director at Ayo Uko. Hats, Truly Yours.