Elegant Hats Created Exclusively For You This Holiday Season

Ayo Uko Hats Exquisitely Handmade - Truly Yours!

The Ayo Uko brand is a luxury brand for the discerning global woman. She is graceful and powers through her day confidently in her well-tailored outfits that really complement her own unique style. At any occasion she is bold and comfortably exudes her inner beauty and elegance.

Ayo Uko Hats are designed and hand created exclusively for you. These elegant hats are custom created from exquisite materials to suit your unique style. Natural sinamay, straw, silk, damask and wool felts in various colors give a glimpse into the wide spectrum of fabrics that we use.

Ayo Uko Hats are made for all occasions. These include weddings, christenings, the races, cocktail parties, theatre events, red carpet events and daily as a stylish fashion accessory.

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