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We create meaningful clothing and accessories which you can be deeply proud of. Clients around the world can enjoy unique accessories and outfits while supporting the artisans of African textiles to thrive in their communities through sustainable supply chains. Exquisite hand crafted headbands made from African handwoven textiles, vegetable tanned leather handbags artfully trimmed and outfits designed & inspired by the handwoven textiles that they are created from are some of our exquisite product offerings.

Covet the Culture. Carry the World.

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Models: Elise Weinbender, Kathleen Pielhop,  Annie Skogen & Ayotunde Uko
Photo credit: Jordana Snyder, The Studio & Blackmoor Media Republik.

Covet the Culture: A Spotlight on Aso Oke Indigenous Handwoven Cloth Weavers In Africa A Special Documentary Series

Welcome to the launch of this special documentary featuring African indigenous handwoven cloth. In this documentary, Covet The Culture, we spotlight the extraordinary work of Aṣọ Òkè (Pronounced ah-SHAW-okay) weavers who create exquisite handwoven Aṣọ Òkè textiles in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. Mary, Zainab and Mr. Aberi proudly share about their unique lives as weavers and their enduring love for the craft. Beautiful handwoven cloth, Aṣọ Òkè, is used to create exquisite products for our clients.

At Ayo Uko, we strive to elevate the extraordinary people that we work with. Visit the Media page and register to watch this special short documentary and learn about the amazing weavers. Authentic narratives in their own words.

Special thanks to Aderiyike, our amazing partner and facilitator as well as to the fantastic technical team from Blackmoor Media Republik, led by Mr. Olalekan Olafusi.

Uniquely Styled and Handcrafted Hats Just for You

The Ode To Luwe Collection By Ayo Uko - Truly Yours!

The "Ode To Luwe Collection" is the latest collection of elegant hats and fascinators in the Ayo Uko Brand and it reflects our vision to create luxurious head-wear for the global woman. We offer our clients the opportunity to own elegant hats and fascinators made exclusively to complement their unique style. The Ayo Uko client powers through her special day confidently in her exquisitely coordinated outfit. Wherever she is, close to home or across the globe, she comfortably exudes her inner beauty and grace.

Handcrafted using exquisite fabrics such as silk, satin, velvet and sinamay in vibrant colors, these sumptuous hats and fascinators are sure to make a statement at any event. Where local artisan fabrics are used, such as those used in collaborations with Așǫ Oke weavers, we acknowledge the work done and support these talents by showcasing their uniqueness.

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Photographs by Grady Richardson of Houston, Texas.
Fabulous Models are Ava, Masha, Ruchi, Stephanie & Cassandra.

Ayo Uko. Elegant Headwear For Brides & Bridesmaids.

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Special thanks to the amazing models at La Crosse Wedding Expo curtesy of The Wedding Tree La Crosse, Wisconsin.